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I understand that many #foss projects have been locked in #github as a result of a choice made in the past.

However, it makes little sense to me to see new, interesting #foss projects to opt for #github while there are less unethical code hosting platforms out there.
@rysiek for me, it's discoverability: I use shitty GH code search a lot. I think I'd get a lot less contributors in a private Gitea instance. I hope that these impediments will be solved in the future.
but you are also the flipside of your own reason to be on GitHub: the reason more contributors are present on GitHub is because there are more projects there.

Network effect.
I am missing a code search service that works across sites.

The search experts at Google offered that once but canned it like they always do with actually useful products.
I actually pulled my code off of GitHub (and archived it there) since I got no contribution whatsoever.

Not surprisingly when you consider that the median number of maintainers is 1.

Working across different Gitea instances is an interesting subject.
I was wondering whether WebMention or so could be used for the communication part.

Or we go back to classical mailing lists with all their downsides.
@dimitrisk @rysiek
Wrt discoverability, I suppose that large projects do not desperately need #github to be discoverable.

Small and single-person projects may benefit from the community culture present in non big-tech, #foss #git platforms as well, instead of being lost in the github crowd.
I tend to agree: knowing the vast majority of internet search go through Google, it would be surprising that discovering software projects is predominantly dependent on GitHub.
codesearch could be a neat niche for every search provider, eg duckduckgo
I was about to suggest writing an Instant Answer plugin for it:

But it appears DuckDuckHack switched to maintenance mode for the time being
@dachary @dimitrisk @rysiek @forgefriends @forgefed
Discoverability? Who just wanders around GitHub looking for projects? I've literally never done that and can't imagine why I'd bother.
that's kind of my internal reaction too, but I've learned that my lack of imagination is not a great proof that something isn't a thing. 😉
Just the other day I searched GitHub for a particular vulnerability and mass opened issues on all of their repos that way, the few projects that didn't use GitHub were much harder to track down the vulnerability and figure out how to report it.

Personally I host all my code on my own gitea and GitHub and they link to each other.
i do, occasionally 😬
I do that too sometimes, i.e. to find new #ActivityPub projects to add to the #delightful lists at

Wrt network effects mentioned by @rysiek I want to call on everyone, technical-minded or not to check out #forgefriends community. It is co-shared by multiple projects, open and welcoming.

With federation we can open the ecosystem for the entire Free Software Development Lifecycle, where Github is so dominant.
Oh, I'll place a link to the #forgefriends community:

Dedicated to bringing code forges to the #Fediverse and with 2 free software projects working on that currently:

Also note that @gitea will be working on federation, hopefully in close collaboration and maybe see themselves as part of "forge friends" movement to grab the opportunities that exist.
just my two cents but I've never discovered a code repository through github.
nearly every github repo I've stumbled upon that I was looking for I found through a search engine, it's a weak argument that github is good for visibility
It is not just visibility. It's about attracting engagement.

1. many people are hesitant to create an account on new websites (I'm having hard time convincing some friends to create an account on @codeberg and contribute)

2. Majority of devs are used to GH but and they don't feel like home on other platforms even gitlab
yeah, 2. is like saying "I am used to driving a Ford, I feel uncomfortable driving any other kind of car".

I'll leave it to others to judge how good a driver that would make a person.
I understand your point and I support the view, but the reality imho is what I wrote. I even believe Mastodon and Diaspora are the same for many Twitter and Facebook users. I know some people that only buy iPhone just because they are used to the UI and workflow. In general there is always some resistance towards change:

@lunch @rune @dimitrisk @RyunoKi @astro @forgefriends @forgefed @codeberg
oh absolutely, we agree.
@forgefriends @forgefed both seem to be dead.
what? ForgeFriends has activity on their account on Feb 6th.
ah, my bad. posts weren't federating.

regardless, there doesn't seem to be any actual progress being mentioned on the @forgefriends account, and what we said earlier remains true for @forgefed, so the point still stands.
well then it's dead 🤷‍♀️
the forgefriends activity report was published today. It is making progress and I'm happy about it 😃
#gitea got funding last month to work on federation, so that Gitea instances can communicate with each other.
@Astro @Rysiekúr Memesson @Dimitris Kardarakos if you *have to* have you code discoverable on GH, just use GH only as mirror of your repo elsewhere. I 'm doing the oposite too: create on my gitea mirror of everything i notice as interesting on GH.
Yep. is just as relevant and important for code as it is for human-targeted art.
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Oh man, I love Github. What did they do that was unethical?
@calligraffiti @Dimitris Kardarakos @LovesTha Embrace+extend => Vendor lock-in ("network effect")

1. Develop LFS, which relies on a central server, instead of building on the pre-existing git-annex, which allows you to sync data between multiple git hosts with annex support
2. Promote Releases over tags, where Releases live on github instead of in the repo
3. Promote github in a way that makes newcomers believe it is synonymous with git
4. Manage issues outside git and put rate limiters that are preventing e.g. gitea from migrating their project off github to their own hosting with issues intact
5. Only allow PRs from repos that were github-forked from the upstream repo, once again promoting github-chokepoint workflows over git-native workflows
You should write an article, 'Steps to Insuring Your Repo Stays Portable'

Thank you! Very good to know. What do you use for your git repos? And do you still maintain Github repos? Seems like Github has become a code search engine on top of everything else.
@calligraffiti I was on gitorious, then after the gitoriocalypse, now codeberg. I have stuff on github where others made the choice, but then I mirror on codeberg and/or

@Dimitris Kardarakos @LovesTha
I believe it's primarily about ease of use, discoverability and features. it'd be nice if something like a federated Git existed. Gitea is planning to implement that, but unfortunately it uses the heavy Matrix protocol and I don't think that'd be viable at all
What @Gitea / @forgefriends federation uses is @ForgeFed , which runs on ActivityPub.
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