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Ukraine: hello, can you please stop financing the people killing us?

EU: we might have to put on a thicker sweater if we did that so I’m afraid that’s a no.

Stop buying Russian fossil fuels!

Our comfort is not more important than Ukrainian lives.
It's not that black and white. Fair amount of our municipalities use Russian gas but can't immediately stop because of contracts.

'Just stop those contracts then!'

Then they'd have to pay a hefty fine that's more than what they'd pay for the gas, _and_ the Russians can sell the gas to other places on top of that. You don't want that.

But they definitely aren't planning on extending those contracts anymore.
@Trinsec πŸ§… " they'd have to pay a hefty fine" . pay to whom ? To Russia ? It is goverment(s) (and UE) responsibility to create law and environment to exit all such contracts without beeing obligate to pay any fine.
Wouldn't know the exact details. I simply read it up in our news articles and remember those global things. Breach of contract is a serious offense in general and you don't want to be known as unreliable. Russia's keeping their end of the bargain (so far) with delivering us the gas, so...

Just read in our news: Putin wants gas to be paid in Roebels...

If he tries to enforce that, it possibly could be seen as a breach in contract...

So this is actually getting pretty interesting now.